Co-working at Chan Cham

May 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

I have a bit of a back log in doing proper write ups for the venues that I have already given a rating, but here’s the first in a series of regular updates.

[Lighting: 3] Plenty natural light and some artificial lighting provides a well-lit space.
[Power: 1] Not many sockets, but it is a pretty old building with wooden walls!
[WiFi: 0] No WiFi here :(
[Chairs: 3] A selection of different chairs should accommodate most peoples taste, but nothing overly comfortable for a prolonged period.
[Tables: 2] A pretty wonky floor leads to pretty unsteady tables, but they are plenty big enough.
[Food & Drink: 3] Great selection of freshly prepared food a drink is a winner here.
[Coffee: 3] Was pleasantly surprised with the coffee (Lavazza)
[Noise: 2] Although the noise level was generally pretty quiet, there was no music to disguise the conversations going on around me, which in itself was a bit distracting.
[Welcome: 4] Very welcoming and polite staff made for a lovely visit.  It was apparently that a good proportion of the patrons were regulars, which is a testament to the welcome you’ll receive at Chan Cham.
[Ambiance: 3] The place has a quirky-ish feel and is nice and chilled out.
[Availability: 3] We went just after lunch time and there were still plenty places to sit.

Result – 27/44

A pretty solid mark of 27 reflects a very pleasant place to work.  The atmosphere is good and is well suited to 1 to 3 people to avoid upsetting the generally quiet surroundings.  If they added Wifi, this place would shoot up the rankings.


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Co-working in Reading

May 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

I find myself working a good couple of afternoons or so in Reading town centre. So my colleague @sthulbourn and I decided it would be a good idea to rate the various venues according to their suitability for co-working.

As this is going to be a work in progress for some time, I’ve created a new section on my blog (over there on the left hand side) which I will keep up to date.  Each time we try out a new place I’ll add a blog post and update the page with the latest score.

Why not take a look at the latest scores and read about the scoring system.

A blog post with more details on the current scores is coming soon.

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