#Rdggeek 2nd Birthday Quiz

October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Thanks to everyone last night for such a great birthday Reading Geek Night!  We had some discussions last night about the future of rdggeek and I think our 3rd year is going to be the best yet!

For those of you that wanted a recap of the questions and answers, I’ve included them here.  I’ll post the scores and names of the winning teams later on today.

Round 1: All about Reading

In what year was the Reading Abbey established?
June 1121

What are the 3B’s that Reading is famous for?
Biscuits, Beer and Bulbs

How many locks are on the Kennet and Avon canal that passes through Reading? (within 3)

In what year was the first Reading Festival held?
1971 – It was a Jazz festival before between 61-70

Which is the oldest pub in Reading town centre?
Sun Inn, Castle St., C13

Which National London to Fishguard cycle route passes through Reading?

What company did famous Readingite John Madjeski start to make his fist million?
Autotrader (Thames Valley Traders was also accepted as an answer)

Which Oscar winning actress used to work in the Deli in St Marys Butts?
Kate Winslet

What 5 ingredients are found in Sweeny Todds 5 nations pie? (1 point all five)
Beef, Guinness, Mustard, Leeks, Garlic

Who sculpted the cast-iron Maiwand Lion that stands in Forbury Gardens, who was rumoured to have committed suicide over allegations that the lions gait was incorrect?
George Blackall Simonds

Round 2: Food and Drink
What nut allergen can be transmitted via sexual contact?
Brazil nut

What is the chemical symbol for Alcohol (Ethanol)

Between which years was prohibition in the US? (2 points)
1920 – 1933

Which scale is used to measure the heat of chilli peppers?

What is the half life of a banana?
1.25 billion years

In what year was BBC’s famous spaghetti tree April Fools?

From which flower is saffron harvested?

In what century did the Spanish bring chocolate to Europe?

What metal is used to encourage the growth of mould in stilton?
Stainless Steel

What is the name of the mould that infects grapes used to produce pudding wine?

Round 3: Old School Computer Games

What were the names of the four ghosts in the classic Pac Man?
Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde

What was Marios original name and in which game did he make his first appearance?
Jumpman, Donkeykong

What was the name of the hero character in Elite?
Commander Jameson

What was the name of the built-in game on the Master System II?
Alex Kidd (in Miracle World)

What are you most likely to die from in “The Oregon Trail”?

What was the name of the hero character in Wolfenstein 3D?
William “BJ” Blazkowicz

In what year was the original Tetris released?

In total, how many N64 units were shipped.  To the nearest 2 million?

What was the name of the automatic rifle in N64’s Goldeneye?

Which company developed Pong which is believed to have started the computer games industry?


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